ARCH Computing Services maintains an in-house staff of highly experienced Web Designers who can provide programming in HTML, DHTML, XML, JAVA Applets, VBScript, C#, CSS, VRML, PhP, MySQL and Perl. A real alphabet soup there, but you don't need to know what any of that means, because we do! What you need to know is that we know how to make sense of it and make it work for your Web site. We're the one's who need to know what .asp, .jsp and .cfm means in the grand scheme of things!

Look around our web page. We wanted it stream-lined and easy to navigate. The informational part is some simple Static Web Pages using Cascading Style Sheets, that for us is easy to update and maintain. We added a dash of Macromedia Flash animation to give the static pages a bit of spice! Our online store is PhP based and the pages are served up dynamically.

You may want your site to be more flashy. Let our Web Designers help you to get the Web Presents YOU want. The choice is yours. You can get it your way!

ARCH Computing Services can provide you with any kind of site you want from a Web-Style Corporate Intranet that interfaces to the Internet, an E-Commerce Web site to help you sell millions of those widgets or a vanity Web site so that you can tell your friends that even you have a Web presence. We can also do Web Feeder sites to help you generate high traffic levels.

Our speed and agility is what makes the difference here. We can respond to changing conditions because we know what the conditions are. We've built hundreds of sites and are building more new sites every day. We have to know about the things that are needed to make it happen on the new Internet today.



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