ARCH Computing Services maintains a staff of factory trained repair technicians. Our experienced Repair Staff is trained to repair and up-grade your IBM™ Compatible Computer Systems. When your computer systems are down, you can't afford the time or frustration of waiting 2, 3 or even as many as 5 days for a company in Texas or South Dakota to ship you replacement parts that might or might not resolve the problem. Then of course you get to learn how to be a computer repairman, because YOU get to install the new parts.

When your computer is down, you want it fixed right and fast. ARCH Computing Services is your local computer repair company that can come to your site and fix your systems there. If you want to save money; you can always bring it into our shop. Either way you are going to get the same high quality service.

Our telephone support specialists are available to help you with the things that can be repaired over the phone. When it can't be repaired over the phone though, in most cases we can have a technician at your site with-in one business day or sooner for an on-site repair.

Our retail site is open from 9 AM till 6 PM Monday through Friday; 10 AM till 4 PM on Saturday. Sunday by appointment only. You can always bring your system in to our shop and get the same first-class repair service!

Are your computer systems getting a little long in the tooth? No need to replace your computer systems every 36 months. ARCH Computing Services can show you how to stretch your Company's computer budget for much less than the cost of new machines.

Contact ARCH Computing Services for further details of OUR capabilities. Our Repair Service Engineering Team is ready to assist you with your personal and company's needs ......



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