ARCH Computing Services maintains a staff of Trained and Certified Network Engineers and Technicians. All of our Network Professionals are certified in a particular Network Operating System. ARCH Computing Systems can provide Networking professionals for on-site development of your Intranet. Enjoy the advantages of File, Program, Peripheral and Information Sharing.

Networking and Office Automation can save your Company TIME and MONEY by letting you more effectively utilize expensive Laser Jet Printers, R/W CD's, Fax/Modems and other peripherals. Control access to Sensitive Company information - while allowing your company personnel to share non-sensitive files. Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) are one of our specialties and we can show you how to get the most out of them.

Our network specialists can create a network for you using Windows2000™, Windows Server 2003™, WindowsXP™,Linux©,Unix™ or Novell™. ARCH Computing Services can configure any size network from 2 to 250 users. We can even provide Bonded and Insured cable installation personnel to wire your Office or Building. If you don't want to wire the building; then we can install a secure wireless network for you at an unbelievably low price. We can provide all the the Hubs, Network Cards and other peripheral equipment you will need to quickly bring your Network on-line too save you money NOW !!!

Contact ARCH Computing Services for further details of our capabilities. Our Network Engineering Team is ready to assist you with your Company's needs ......



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