ARCH Computing Services can custom build and configure an IBM™ Compatible Computer System for your specific needs. Our experienced Engineering and Manufacturing specialists can provide you with systems that can meet the most stringent NEMA 4 requirements, configure a desktop system to run your office, the perfect machine for Grandma to surf the web and write those emails or a game machine that will make you the envy of that internet game server.

ARCH Computing Services has a highly experienced Engineering Staff that can help you configure the Right System for your needs and wallet. ARCH Computing Services has provided systems that control critical-path processes as well as Multi-Media Systems for Sales and Marketing.

We can provide:

Network Work-Stations:

ARCH Computing Services discovered that the average company provided office personnel with much more computer system than was required to perform their job tasks. Why waste your computer budget for system functions that only the Game players would require.

Network Servers:

ARCH Computing Services can custom build multi or single Processor Server Systems that will provide your Company with real dedicated horsepower to run your Office Network or even your corporate web site.

Multi-Media Systems:

ARCH Computing Services can custom build a Multi-Media System to provide your Sales and Marketing Department with a system to develop and present true Multi-Media Applications ....

Laboratory Environment Systems:

We can provide your Laboratory with High-Speed Data Acquisition System and Control computers - that even a PHD can't break ... and they are still able to operate them ...



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